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Welcome to my web pages dedicated to all things morse both in modern day use in amateur radio and also Morse of the past. I'm no morse or cw guru just someone with a passion for morse from it's hardwired beginnings following the railroads of the past which in itself is a fascinating subject to todays use in amateur radio. It's easy in todays high tech world to forget just how cutting edge many inventions of the past were ,not just morse and even today in a world where we can pretty much do what we want with very little effort by means of super computers I still find the whole subject of morse and it's development fascinating.

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I hope the following pages has something of interest for both the newcomer and the seasoned op alike .There are pages covering modern day use of the code along with pages regarding morse from the past , a subject which never fails to amaze me and it must of been a fascinating time for anyone involved in it's progression and use.

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