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Portable keys/paddles

Below is the DINKEY 817 specially made for the FT817. it fits in the mic socket and utilises the mics up/down button circuitry to work . Nice idea and works well with slower code but feel it starts to struggle with faster code , it has been reported this is simply due to the circuitry not being up to the job with fast code . Brilliant idea and functional especially for the 817 where it means there is just one less thing to carry adding weight to a /p pack .

MFJ portable iambic paddles. I have two sets of these paddles . They are very small and will fit cable and all in a small Altoids tin to protect them when not in use . Work reasonably well and are an adequate paddle for/p or as a spare . Alittle stiff as would be expected due to the design but can be manipulated to feel a bit better . Well worth the money for a spare or /p paddle weighing very little .

mfj paddle port key pg.jpg

Palm mini paddles. These are good quality paddles , fully adjustable and can be pushed into the case for protection when not in use . The magnetic base is very handy and can be taken off . Works very well out/p and could easily be pressed into action in the shack .

palm paddle paddle pg.jpg

There are many /p keys on the market but the above are just a few I have personally used/use .